EpicTilt taking on Tapulous with iPhone music games

"EpicTilt is describing [Tapstar] as "the first music game with loads of content from superstar artists", and says players will be able to "download levels from your favorite artists and show off your TapStar skills to your friends."

Lil Wayne, Fall Out Boy And More Cater To Tech-Savvy Fans With iPhone Apps

"Industry experts are speculating that iPhone apps will soon be harsh competition for MySpace, but ultimately it all means an increasingly interactive experience for fans."

ESPN comes to the iPhone with an addicting bar game

"Just like Cameraman itself, this game is fast-paced and addicting. It will definitely be a top seller..."

Tech Companies to Watch in 2009
EpicTilt, Nintendo, China Mobile...

"Epic Tilt: Developed popular games and apps for App Store, including ESPN Cameraman, Pussycatt Dolls Party Pack, and Be like Lil Wayne."

Review: ESPN Cameraman for iPhone
Casual game puts a sporting twist on spot-the-differences puzzle

"The game, ESPN Cameraman, puts an athletic spin on the Spot the Differences conceit, challenging you to find subtle variations in images supplied by the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports."

IPHONE: Be Like Lil' Wayne

"The app is ideal for putting grills on grandma, tattoos on your dog, and big glittery necklaces on that stranger waiting in like at the DMV.."