TAPSTAR RELEASED... Get it now on iTunes!
With officially licensed music exclusively from Sony Music Entertainment.


    • TapStar ™ is finally here! A rhythm game from EpicTilt for the iPhone/iPod Touch with loads of content exclusively from Sony Music Entertainment’s artists, including:

      Lit - My Own Worst
      Enemy Romantics - What I Like About You
      John Mayer - Say
      Britney Spears - I’m A Slave 4 U
      P!nk - Get the Party Started
      Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
      Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
      Warrant - Heaven
      TLC - Creep
      and much much more...

    • The Scion Radio 17 BPM App is tailored toward DJs and automatically calculates the beats-per-minute (BPM) of a song as you tap the screen to the song's rhythm.

      After recording the song's BPM, you can create, edit, and send yourself and other DJs your playlists with song BPM, title, and album info for easy planning of live sets and recorded mixes.

      The Scion Radio 17 BPM Meter also provides a scrolling news ticker and banners that keep you up-to-date with the current month's Scion Radio 17 and features, as well as information about the latest Scion Audio Visual (S A/V) releases and events.


    • ESPN and EpicTilt have teamed up again to bring you Spelling Bee! Turn the sound up and see if you have what it takes to be a Spelling Bee champion. The game is simple, hear the word (read by ESPN's Trey Wingo) and use the keyboard to spell the word. If you need help, you can get the word's origin, definition, part of speech, and a sentence. But don't take too long, in this game you only have 60 seconds per word. See if you can spell all 400!


    • Asher Roth wants you to party with him! "Do Something Crazy" lets you party up your photos and upload them to the online gallery. But there's more... you can also play one of his favorite games, "Whats the Diff," a photohunt game with Asher's party photos. Additional features include Asher photos, articles, and the official "I Love College" music video.

    • EpicTilt™ and Interscope have teamed up again to release an app that actually lets you kiss someone through your iPhone! The minds behind the upcoming blockbuster iPhone rhythm game entitled "TapStar", have released the first application that let's you kiss someone through your iPhone!! Soulja Boy Tell 'Em comes directly to your iPhone to help you "Add Swag" to your photos or "Add Luv" to them as you send your favorite someone a decorated photo for Valentines Day! Best of all, this app allows you to press the "Kiss Button" and plant a kiss on your favorite someone. It's easy, just hold down the "Kiss" button, kiss your phone, and send the picture to your loved one!

    • Lady Gaga fans, your moment has arrived! Interscope Records has teamed up with EpicTilt to bring fans around the world the experience of being like Lady Gaga! From your iPhone users can choose pictures from their photo library or take pictures from within the application itself to start the process. From there, Lady Gaga equips you with a vast array of her personal items and accessories to dress up as her and share with your friends as well as the world in the global gallery!
      You can even add Lady Gaga herself into your pictures and share with the rest of the world by email or by showing it off in the Lady Gaga user gallery!

    • EpicTilt™ has partnered with Universal Records to bring Hip Hop fans around the world the experience of being like Lil Wayne!  From your iPhone users can choose pictures from their photo library or take pictures from within the application itself to start the process. From there, EpicTilt™ equips you with a vast array of Lil Wayne's bling and outfits to pimp your picture out and share with your friends! Even add Lil Wayne himself into your pictures and share with the rest of the world!

    • EpicTilt™ has teamed up with SRC/Universal to release an interactive digital album sleeve for Akon's new album "Freedom".

      This is the essential iPhone application for Akon fans to stay connected to all things Akon. Keep up with all the latest happenings in Akon's world via the "News Section". Flip through pictures of Akon. Stay Up To Date On All Things Akon On Your iPhone or iPod Touch. Check out Akon Videos in the "Videos" Section. Even includes an interactive discography! Also allows you to preview each of his songs within the app without having to leave it! Best of all it's FREE!

    • EpicTilt™ presents PCD Party Pack in partnership with Interscope Records and the world famous Pussycat Dolls! Party Pack includes FIVE super-fun Pussycat Dolls games - Match2, Copycat, Freefall, Three, and Bouncy! With hours of fun and sounds and graphics from your favorite girls pop group, the PUSSYCAT DOLLS!

    • ESPN and EpicTilt™ Fans, your moment has arrived! Camerman is here! EpicTilt has teamed up with ESPN to provide sports fans around the world with one of the most addictive games that's perfect for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Figure out what the differences are between the two images. Touch the screen where you think the differences are to see if you are correct. Don't forget the timer is counting down! Compete against yourself, friends, and automatically post your highscores to compare yourself to the rest of the world!